"Sometimes it's as though you can read my mind.  I received your Power word Postcard just days after we lost my father-in-law.  It is always great when I get them but this time I really needed my spirits lifted and you did. " Terri

"OMG,  You are beyond amazing.  I have struggled all week with low self esteem after numerous dental procedures and decisions.  Your Power word Postcard made me feel more loved than I ever imagined.  Thank you beautiful Patti!"  Kitty

"I love receiving your cards in the mail stating exactly what I need at the time.  Thank you thank you thank you!" Sally

"Power word Postcards is such an amazing concept to me.  Emails are quickly read, enjoyed and then simply deleted, or just stored in an email folder that will never be likely to be viewed again.  The power of the postcards is so much more, as they not only provide the joy and inspiration through motivational message embraced in the art of all the words compilation, but the postcards are a tangible item that can be kept, and even framed for someone to view every single day.  These postcards have the ability to be placed somewhere special like the desk where you work, framed on a bookshelf, on the refrigerator, or even your bathroom as you are getting ready for the day, and everyday when you see your postcard, you are able to read the motivating and inspirational messages that are a perfect reminder to embrace the beauty in every moment of everyday!  There is no feeling like the feeling of passionate inspiration, and Power word Postcards shares this feeling in countless ways."  Arielle 

I love my happy mail. Thank you so much.  I feel special when I get my cards! Sara