2018 Calendar

2018 Calendar


This is my new 2018 Calendar that can be mailed to your business clients.  On the back is a place for your business card with your business information on it.  What a great way to to have a touch point with your clients and start the year out with your information.  All prices include a calendar, an envelope, and postage.  Oh by the way... Power word Postcards will do all the work with the mailing and getting the calendars to your clients.

50 Calendars, Envelope, Postage    8.24 each     412.00 total

100 Calendars, Envelope, Postage   7.49 each     749.00 total

250 Calendars, Envelope Postage    7.02  each  1755.00 tota

500 Calendars Envelopes, Postage   6.81 each  3405.00 total

750 Calendars, Envelopes. Postage   6.71 each 5032.50 total

1000 Calendars, Envelopes, Postage 6.64 each 6640.00 total