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Great feel good messages anytime.
Great feel good messages any time.

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Power word Postcards came from a deep place from my soul. 

Power word Postcards, modern postcards, and greeting cards are used to inspire,motivate,and support during difficult times.  They can also be used for personal mantras, affirmations, and vision boards.  They are great feel good messages and any time greetings.Too busy running your business to send out handwritten cards?  The Birthday Business Pack are handwritten messages sent to clients and employees.  Power word Postcards created a position called the Member Care Specialist.  where we do all the work for a handwritten greeting for you.  The Wellness Motivator Package includes thirteen handwritten messages that are delivered once a month( an extra during your birthday month). Contact Power word Postcards for special pricing with  Postcard orders over twenty-five.


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