On Losing Weight

This is a book that I wrote that are tools to lose weight.  It contains short little chapters with helpful hints and tools to make losing weight happen.

Illustrated by my son Carl Pompa

Redesign your 9-5

Created and Complied by Bridgett McGowen. 

This book is a collective project.  My chapter is about having a business idea and going for it.  NO holding back.  Now is the time to take your idea and turn it into a business opportunity.

The Art Of Connection

by Robert W. Jones and Dr. Karen Perkins

This is a collection of many authors each having their own thoughts about the art of connection.   My chapter is all about doing marketing with gratitude.  It is important to appreciate your customers and clients and in this book I highlight that.


Be More Conference Spring 2023

Patti Mamalis

Using Powerful Words as Your Power Tools

Be More conference Sept 2021

I was a speaker at the Be More conference and talked about the importance of word Choice.  Words do matter and why not change them to be powerful, upbeat and positive.

Be More Conference March 2022

I was a speaker and the topic was Finding 5 Values that bring you value.  This was an interactive segment where participants actually did the activity of finding important values.

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