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Power word Postcards came from a deep place from my soul.

I started creating in 1995 when I was going through a difficult and horrible divorce. I think it was the worst divorce on the planet in the history of the universe.  (Probably it wasn’t, but it sure felt like it.)

I was a school teacher and a mother of four boys. Going through this divorce was very challenging for me in all ways.  Because of all that was going on, I was depressed, filled with stress, and did not know how to even get through the next day, so I decided to channel my inner kindergarten teacher and I started cutting words out of magazines and putting them together to create Power Word Postcards.

Creating the cards helped! Then, I started mailing the printed cards with a handwritten message to my friends and family members ‘just because’ or finding reasons to mail a card. The feedback I got from the people receiving them was amazing! 

I started to feel a little better each time I mailed someone a card. Then, low and behold, I started mailing Power Word Postcards to myself because I was worth a stamp. Receiving a Power Word Postcard with all of the powerful words on it came exactly on the day I needed it the most.  Funny how that happens still today. 

I went from being a hobbypreneur to a wannabepreneur to an official entrepreneur! 

I am so grateful for this product that is inspiring, motivating, and supporting others on their journey.  It is a hard world out there. When people receive a handwritten Power word Postcard in the mail it makes their day a little better. Power Word Postcards are great for connecting with friends and family members, creating culture, and building and maintaining relationships in your personal life or with your business employees and clients.

I am so very proud and honored to have my most amazing husband Larry, who married into Power Word Postcards, with me every step of the way.  He works behind the scenes and attends meetings and networking events with me. 

Larry and I  together are ready to make your life a little easier by offering more than 83 product choices and by providing a unique service of writing the handwritten message and mailing it for you.   I look forward to receiving your order and helping you become a day maker too.



(and Larry, too)

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