Condolences Grief Package

Sympathy: Sympathetic Support and healing through grief.

Is someone you know grieving? Support them and help them through with a year-long support system that is delivered automatically. You start the process and your support continues all year long.

Now Available

  • Card a Month for a Year
  • Copy of The Spiral Pathway of Grief: A Traveler’s Guidebook
  • ½ hour virtual session with a certified grief counselor (details emailed after registration)

The Journey Through Grief Pack consists of a book, an hour on line session with a certified grief specialist, and 12 handwritten Power word Postcards that arrive in your mailbox once a month for a year.  We all handle grief in our own way and The Journey Through Grief Pack was created to support you along your journey through this difficult season.  If you are ever in the situation where a friend or family member is going through grief and you don’t know what to say then order The Journey Through Grief Pack to show your care and support.

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