Hi, everybody. Good morning. This is Patti with Power Word Postcards. Welcome to Orange You Glad It’s Thursday video series. I usually do this Facebook Live, but for some reason there was technical difficulty and so I’m just recording it on my phone, and I will post it on Facebook a little bit later, so bear with me. It’s not going to be right at 10:15 today.

I’m very glad you’re here. Today, I would like to talk to you about how Power Word Postcards came about, and I would love for you to have some interaction with this video, and to tell me of an idea that you have had that changed your life. On my website, I have the words Power Words Postcards: A Deep Place From My Soul, and it truly was started a deep place within my soul. I was a single mom raising four boys; I was a kindergarten teacher full-time; I was suffering from depression; and I was worrying constantly about how to make ends meet and how to raise these boys. Just every aspect of life, I was worrying about.

So I started cutting out words out of magazines, and it was a therapy for myself. It was like pulling myself up by the bootstraps, and I created, started creating Power Word Postcards. And just the art and the creativity of cutting out words and putting them together in a themed card just made all the difference in the world. So Power Word Postcards have helped me from the very beginning.

And then I started mailing. I got my cards printed and then I started mailing them to my friends, and I was twice blessed by Power Word Postcards. My friends told me how very blessed that they were to receive one, and I really enjoyed sending them, also. And I still send them constantly, once a month, to my friends. So they really have helped me.

In the process, I decided to even mail a Power Word Postcard to myself because, oh my gosh, by golly, I am worth a stamp. And for me to receive a Power Word Postcard in the mail, it always came at the most magical time, even though I was the one doing the sending. I just had such a power to receive those.

Now words are powerful, and that old saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,’ that is a lie. Words that are said in the wrong way are very, very painful and very hurtful, and they do hurt. So words are powerful, and I created these cards as a constant reminder I can do anything. I am beautiful on the outside and the inside. I can go for my goals. So all those themes that I created with Power Word Postcards by cutting words out of magazines are just constant reminders of how powerful words really are, and how amazing these Power Word Postcards can be used for mantras and affirmations, and to really help.

So my mission statement, the three words on my website are inspiring, motivating, and supporting, and that is my life purpose right now. That is my mission statement for Power Word Postcards, and it’s what my company is all about. So every day in the morning on Instagram, I post a Word of the Day, so that’s the first way that I can inspire, motivate, and support.

The second way is this once a week video series. It’s on Thursdays, usually at 10:15, but I have been doing Facebook Live. I’m going to change up my platform a little bit, so it will be sometime Thursday morning; that’s when I’m going to record it. So that is another way to inspire, motivate, and support.

And this Orange You Glad It’s Thursday video series is strictly content only, and it has a little activity for you to do; a call to action activity for you to do on your personal growth journey.

And then the third thing that I’m really focusing on right now is sending out a handwritten, personal birthday card to my friends, my family members, my contacts, my Facebook friends. Facebook is a really good tool to get your birthday; I just need your address to actually mail you a postcard. So that’s another way that Power Word Postcards is inspiring, motivating, and supporting; those three ways.

So my call to action for you is to right now get a piece of paper, and sit down and think about your biggest dream; your wildest dream that you want to have. A big goal. And underneath that big goal and dream, write some action statements that you need to take. What do you need to do first, second, third, fourth, fifth to get to where you want to go and to achieve that goal?

And then do it. Take an action step. Get started. Don’t wait, don’t put it off, don’t hesitate. Just get started right away and work through those steps, those action steps that you created. And then, voila! You’ll get there. You’ll achieve that goal, and that will be really exciting and I would love to hear about it. So you can share with me about your success.

So again, this is Orange You Glad It’s Thursday. I will see you next week for another video episode, and have a great week. Bye!