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Power word Postcards, modern postcards, and greeting cards are used to inspire, motivate and support during difficult times…

They can also be used for personal mantras, affirmations, and vision boards. They are great feel-good messages for honoring birthdays, saying thank you, celebrating holidays, or sending a greeting just because you care. They can be purchased one card at a time, in a Six Pack Collection, or ten or more copies of the same card at a reduced rate. Power word Postcards can be used as non-food rewards for losing weight, purchased for yourself because you like to receive mail, for a friend just because you are thinking of them, or a family member going through a difficult time. The total purpose of Power word Postcards and to reiterate our mission statement is to “inspire motivate and support in whatever way we can.” Yes, Power word Postcards came from a deep place from my soul. Sharing them with you is fulfilling my life purpose to inspire, motivate and support you on your journey.



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