Seasonal Uplift Packs-Spring


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The Seasonal Uplift Pack (SUP)  is a grab bag consisting of 12 carefully selected Power word Postcards and one brand new Power word Postcard that was uniquely created for the SUP selection (and the only way you can purchase the new card!). The SUP is perfect for the person who likes to mail cards to friends and family members to celebrate holidays, life events, just because, or for no reason at all. This pack is product only so you can write the message yourself before sending. It’s nice to have cards on hand to reach out and connect with people you care about at a moment’s notice. Be prepared and order yours today.
Summer SUP months: June, July, August
Fall SUP months: September, October November
Winter SUP months: December, January, February
Spring SUP months: March, April, May
Optional: add 13 postage stamps per quarterly pack

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1 quarter, 2 consecutive quarters, 3 consecutive quarters, All 4 quarters

Beginning Season

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Include postage?

no postage, add 13 postage stamps