Do you check your mailbox every day with anticipation?  Do you walk to your mailbox, open it up, ever hoping for a letter or a card or anything other than a bill or junk mail?  My goal this evening is to share with you the importance of Snail Mail and to convince you to jump in with me on my mission to bring snail mail back.

     I was recently asked” What is Snail mail?”  For those of you who may not know snail mail is actually writing a message, a letter, or a card with your hands, putting it in an envelope, putting a stamp on it , and dropping it in the mailbox. Back in the oldy days before texting, before email, before fax machines, before social media Snail mail was very popular and one of the only ways to reach out and connect with people other than picking up the phone and calling them.

     Do you remember the last time you received snail mail in your mailbox?  Maybe a birthday card from Grandma with a dollar or two tucked  into the envelope, maybe a postcard from a relative that was on vacation with the greeting “Wish You Were here” maybe an actual handwritten letter from a dear sweet friend mailing condolences after a loss?  Whatever the occasion or event the snail mail was bound to offer you an opportunity to smile.  The snail mail gave you the opportunity to stop and think that was really nice.  That kind gesture means so much and helps people feel loved cared for, connected and supported.

     During this past year with Covid 19 people have experienced a lack of connection.  They have been on lock down.  They have chosen to stay home.  They have been forced to work from home. They do not hug or touch or even shake hands. And smiling behind a mask is just not the same. Yes, lack of connection is huge right now.  It really is hard to even imagine the long term effects the lack of connection might have on our family, our friends, our employees, our society.

     The best way to connect with your customers, employees, team members, vendors and  your friends and family members is with good ole fashioned snail mail.  Snail mail will help you stand out above the rest because not very many people use it anymore.  Get a pack of greeting cards, a pen, some stamps, and start writing heartfelt messages to those mentioned above and then the most important step is actually drop them in the mailbox. Done snail mail activated and  you are helping to bring snail mail back.

I know I know I know you don’t even have any stamps in your house and you can’t even remember the last time you even bought stamps. You might have a stack of cards stashed away in your desk drawer that you never sent and forgot about.  And God only knows you have no time whatsoever to sit down and pick up a pen. Well I have the solution to that problem too.  You see I love snail mail so much that I actually created my own business to support my habit of handwriting messages.  It is called Power word Postcards and I provide a very unique service where I will write your list of cards every month for you.  Yes,I actually will take your names and addresses and mail a card on your behalf.  All the work is done for you and you get all the glory.  You might even get a phone call from the recipient saying Thank you that meant so much.

     Power word Postcards has a solution for all of your card mailing needs.

Product only you write the message check

Subscriptions 10 cards a month 20 cards a month 50 cards a month check

A Card A month for an entire year mailed to the same person who needs a little extra TLC due to a divorce recovering from cancer or other life changing event check  All you have to do is call me and we’ll get the snail mail mission started.  

  So I am on a mission to bring snail mail back.  It is very important to me and I would love to have your help with an easy and effective way to Connect with others.