Hello, everybody.

It’s Patti with Power word Postcards, and welcome to Orange You Glad It’s Thursday video series. I want to share with you a new product that I have today. It’s called Pass Along Cards, and they come in a set of 24, and they have two-word affirmations on them, like “Enjoy today,” “Celebrate you,” “Take action,” “You decide.” Anyway, it goes through all 24 cards with two-word affirmations, two-word mantras on them.

Pass Along Cards

Now, these little cards are called Pass Along Cards for that very reason. I have told you that I am a day maker, and you can be a day maker, too, very easily by using these little Pass Along Cards. You can slip it in with your receipt at the Costco checker when they check your receipt. And then the Costco checker gets a little card that says, “Dream Big,” and you’ll get a smile in return. Or if you’re standing in line at the grocery store, you can give it to the person that’s behind you, even in front of you, and even the cashier. Pass these along.

You can give them to strangers on the street.

Sometimes, I like to paperclip money to the back of them and then hand them out to homeless people that are panhandling. It just brightens my day to brighten other people’s day. Being a day maker in this world in this day and age is so very important. And you can have the tools to be a day maker, too.

I love orange. I wear orange on Orange You Glad It’s Thursday, and I’m going to be sharing my amazing orange mailbox on Orange You Glad It’s Thursday. Put a stamp on a card and mail it to yourself, mail it to your friends, and mail it to your family because they are worth a stamp, too. Be a day maker. Pass out Pass Along Cards. Mail yourself a Power Word Postcard. And I will see you next week for another episode of Orange You Glad It’s Thursday.