Good morning and welcome to Orange You Glad It’s Thursday video series.

My name is Patti with Power Word Postcards. And today I want to talk to you about my mom. Unfortunately, she passed away a few years back due to breast cancer. But before she left, she was an avid quilter. And we have in our house a whole bunch of quilts that are on the walls and on the beds thanks to my mom.

Now I am kind of a spiritual person and I was talking to my mom before she passed away. And I said, mom, I need to have some signs from heaven that you’re with me because my mom and I were really close. And so I said, because you like to quilt and because you are a sewer, why don’t you send me messages of buttons? Well, my mom didn’t quite get what I was talking about. And I don’t know if you can see it, but she started sewing buttons on all the quilts that were hanging on my walls. So there’s a button and there’s a button. And here is my amazing button box. It’s even shaped like a button and looks like a button. And on the inside, oh, I don’t know, a million buttons of all different shapes and sizes and colors. We have big ginormous ones and itty bitty tiny ones and we have square ones and just lots and lots of buttons.

So the button is my symbol that I like to look for my mom. Well, you all, mother’s day is coming up in 10 days and power word postcards have this cute little mother’s day card. My challenge for you is to order a six-pack, order a 10-pack and give them to people that you know are mothers. Maybe your friends, maybe your relatives, maybe your sister-in-law is a mother. Maybe… Just get a 10 pack and order a 10 pack, sign them, fill them out, sign them in your name and drop them in the mail and then you will be a day maker. On May 8th, on mother’s day when they go to their mailbox, actually on Saturday, May 7th, and they go to their mailbox and there’s a mother’s day card. How amazing that will be to honor the women in your life, the mothers in your life, in your realm with a mother’s day card. I hope you have a great week and I’ll see you next week for another episode of orange. You’re glad it’s Thursday. Bye.